Liceul de Coregrafie ” Floria Capsali ”

Str. Căpitan Preoţescu nr. 9, sect. IV,

Tel./fax: (0040) (021) 336 37 92,





3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Buna ziua,
    spuneti-mi, va rog, anul acesta cand se fac inscrierile pentru proba de aptitudini dans clasic, clasa a V-a? Daca s-a stabilit, ar fi foarte utila si data in care se va sustine proba, dar cred ca este cam devreme.

  2. Hello from Joe Artid – Art Director of International Festival ” Crsytal Of Dance ” and the Ballet Academy ” Nasco Danza ” in Italy
    I’m asking gently if it possible to have an appointement with Someone of Direction of Your Academy during the days i will be in Bucuresti from tomorrow evening 10 february 2016 until Saturday all day 13 february.
    I need to talk about some New Projects with Romanian Ballet Organizations for a during relashtionship between Our Academy in Italy and CODARTS ( Rotterdam Arts University – Netherlands )
    If it possible to give me a TimeTable possible please right me on email : or send me a contact sms on +393389452308 or +40749529638

    Thank You very much

    Best Regards

    Joe Artid Fejzo

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